Who are we?

Perennis is a not-for-profit association governed by the law of 1 July 1901. He is a young association founded in 2005.

It is the result of the will of people with various skills but with a common will:

Participation to the preservation and transmission of our natural heritage to future generations.

The association considers the environment and the natural heritage as a component of the territory among others: agriculture, tourism, recreation, personal services, land use planning, crafts, industry,...

she favors a mediating role that emphasizes:
-the institutional compartmentalization, the reconciliation of the logics,
-the networking of the various actors.

Manager of natural sites, the association is a place of experimentation, in practice, evaluation and validation of the new thinking in terms of education, management of the environment or scope the environmental issues to the knowledge of the general public and the public school.

Our team of employees and volunteers includes multiple and varied, stable, skills that enable to register the actions in a sustainable and creative dynamic.

The association participates in its scale, inclusion and professional support (training, internships, solidarity contracts,...)

The social approach to the environment is a dominant. Actions are focused on awareness, changes in practices and procedures approved by the citizens.

The Board of Directors is composed of the following people

President: Roland PONTOIZEAU
Secretary: Cécile reviews
Treasurer: Mary Paul ANCELIN
Directors: Vacancies


Chargé d'études en Environnement :  BELLIET Jérôme
Technicien Zones Humides : CARSIN Simon